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A one-of-a-kind, personalized with an embroidered name heirloom piece. Take a trip to the circus with our delightful music box! Playful embroidered elephants perform under the big top, while a turn of the wooden ball spins the circus around.&nbs..
When your child reaches 2 years old it is inevitable that complete darkness in their room is a bit unsettling. That is why we have chosen this stunning friendly giraffe to keep them company and protect them with a gentle glow while our babes fall int..
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the King's horses, And all the King's men Couldn't put Humpty together again! This piece can become your child's favorite doll or will serve as ..
This piece is made-to-order and is hand painted. The artist is a children's book illustrator and writer. His stories and imagery present the perfect balance of nostalgia with modern elegance. His work has become ubiquitous throughout the ..
Anchors away! These heirloom quality personalized flags will sail right into the recipient’s heart and bring a sense of adventure to any room! Each flag, 11.5 inches wide and 10.75 inches represents a letter in the child’s name. This one spells out O..
$35.00 per Flag
Handmade with patience and care, this sensational bear, is truly a heritage toy created by a second generation teddy bear maker. Relish in the simplicity of childhood, find pleasure in hade made things, love natural fibers and treasure this object ma..
We call him our Photographer Giraffe, but you'll call him "Just too cute!" A true work of art that brings a sense of playfulness to a child's room, he can turn any room into a zany safari adventure. Each one is handcrafted in California and because i..
Exclusive to Oliver & Adelaide. This is truly a unique and heirloom piece you will most likely not find anywhere. The art of rug hooking in the United States is only mastered by a few. This is the most luxurious and thoughtful gift from gran..
This piece is sensational. And it is one of the most visually appealing and functional children’s storage pieces out there. The sailboat scene featuring angelfish leaping from the water on one side over the top of the chest to the water on the other ..
A sailboat motif is perfect for any little boy's room. Start generating the spirit of freedom and adventure of the sailing lifestyle with this handmade, one of a kind sailboat mobile. This mobile is a charming and winsome showcase piece to set your c..
Our eco-friendly wooden Space Rocket toy caters to a child’s dream of being an engineer sure to provide hours of imaginative fun! They build the "launching" base by using the pieces provided and place the rocket for take off! ..
This quilt is our most sought after heirloom gift. Individually handcrafted by a dedicated quilting artisan on the North Folk of Long Island, New York, this work of art can be a source of good cheer throughout a child's life from babyhood throug..
Helen Greenstein, designer & textile artist, has exclusively created this exquisitely sweet and calming mobile.  She creates baby mobiles because each nursery is a sanctuary and deserves items that are made with love and ca..