Heirloom Rattle


The rattle is a time-honored first toy that spans many cultures and generations.

Rattles offer infants their first opportunities to create noise with an object under their own power. Also, they offer a child awareness of their physical body and allow them to experience the sense of touch, hearing and sight with this sculpted work of functional art. A rattle will provide the gratification of movement and repetition, giving your child the playful interest in creating sound and movement with their body.

At Oliver & Adelaide our Curly Maple Rattle is sculpted by a seasoned artist located in New Hampshire. It is made of curly maple wood and is truly a treat for the senses.

Every generation in the family will enjoy holding this piece and enjoying its fine craftsmanship.

But remember, it’s really for the baby!

Made In: USA
Delivery: 1 week
Specifications: SIZE: 6 ” X 2 1/4″ COLOR: CURLY MAPLE
Handling & Care: Salad Bowl Finish, Safe for Baby’s Mouth

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