Customized Name Book


$42.00 per letter / spread

NOTE: Please count the number of letters in the child’s name and choose the same number for ADD TO CART below.

Make your child’s first book a work of art that he or she will treasure and pass along to the next generation.

Teach your child the art of a tactile experience as you journey through their very own name fabric book.

Hand crafted with linen & cotton fabrics accented with pops of vibrant colors with applique motifs introducing the harmony and joy of baby’s first visual experience. Each of the pages offers a treat of subtle and playful textures that will be comforting to both baby and child reader.

Teethe on it, burp on it – this is one book that is perfect for the little hands of discovery, be thrown in a cold water wash and come out as beautiful as it was the day you presented it.

Email us and let us know if you have special requests (

Found exclusively at Oliver & Adelaide.

Made In: USA
Delivery: 3 – 4 weeks
Sizes: 10″ x 9″
Specifications: Linen & Cotton Pages and Cover. Poly Blended Feld Letters and Pictures.
Handling & Care: Machine was Cold. Flat Dry.

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