Bespoke Family Portrait Dolls


$185 per doll

NOTE: Please count the number of family members and choose the same number for ADD TO CART below.

If you have trouble getting your toddler to sleep at night you also might have heard, “Daddy don't leave” or “Mommy stay with me”…well, here is your solution…The Family Portrait Dolls.

My son loves to sleep with his Daddy and Papa dolls and my daughter feels comfort from her big brother doll. When it is time for our little one to be comforted that can certainly be with either parent doll. This is especially wonderful if your partner travels a lot away from the home.These handmade bespoke dolls are the most impressionable gift item in our shop.

You will email or upload photos of the family to and have our doll makers create sweet, playful dolls with removable accessories that your child will come to love and cherish forever. No one else will have the same set anywhere in the world.

Each face and hair style is hand embroidered with exquisite detail. All the clothing is customized with the photos you send us. Each doll will be an abstracted artistic interpretation of each family member and will not be a exact duplicate of the photographs submitted.

*This item is not returnable

Made In: USA
Delivery: 8 weeks
Specifications: Adults are approximately 14″ and children are approximately 7″
Handling & Care: Damp towel with water and spot clean

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